whIch companies ARE ready for the industry 4.0 in ticino? Find it OUT in our press release!


In line with the guidelines of the World Economic Forum, the project of the Hub of Lugano is focused on the evaluation of the degree of preparation of the economic sector in Ticino in terms of the fourth industrial revolution. The project aims to analyze the awareness of the companies about the social-economical changes that the technological revolution implies. The data are gathered through a questionnaire and the companies are awarded based on the answers.



To reach our goal, we want to involve the largest number of companies as possible, independently from the size or sector. Every company that has at least an office that actively operates in Ticino can participate to the competition.




The goal of the project is to map the performances of the companies in Ticino, identifying the most innovative best practices and awarding who already put in practice principles of the industry 4.0. The scope is to promote a model from which other companies can get inspired. At the same time, we want to spread the knowledge about the current existing global benchmarks. Thanks to these benchmarks local companies can be oriented to future investments aligned with the philosophy of the fourth industrial revolution. 



For each category several indexes to gather data were elaborated. The indexes are designed to understand the activity and philosophy of the company. During the elaboration of the indexes the focus was set on evaluating the companies coherently with other business standards, enabling to build a corporate profile.


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Four categories, here listed, reflect the philosophy of Campioni dell’Innovazione and summarize the social impact of the companies. Each of these areas will be awarded separately.


Environmental Sustainability

The area of the environmental sustainability analyzes how environmental friendly the companies are. To this end the scope is to identify the companies that are able to optimize the industrial processes to reduce or even cancel their impact on the environment.




This section wants to evaluate the security level of the information system of the companies in terms of the exposure to various risks such cyber-attacks.



This area awards the companies which prove to have either developed a new product/process or efficiently improved an existing one.


Employees wellbeing and equal opportunities

The area of welfare and diversity awards the companies which place people at the center of their activities. These companies successfully address the individual and familiar needs of their employees and guarantee a work environment at the forefront on the diversity and gender equality aspects.



The project of the Hub of Lugano is taking place for the second time this year and the public award ceremony will take place the 27th of November at the LAC of Lugano . During the event the companies are going to be awarded in each category with the participation of institutional organizations, private partners and media.

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