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Abbiamo avuto il piacere di intervistare il ristorante zero food waste Nolla sulle loro visioni e politiche per una ristorazione più sostenibile! Puoi visitare la pagina Facebook di Nolla qui!

1.     How was the idea of “zero food waste” born?

Our approach to zero waste came from frustration we encountered in the industry as well as environmental problems our hometowns had with waste.

2.    What have been the biggest challenges in transforming into a restaurant “zero food waste”?

Organising the operations in a new way. Finding all the products for the restaurant within our guidelines (No packaging, sustainably grown without chemicals and local).

3.    While switching to a business “zero food waste”, how did your customers react? Do they reflect themselves in the concept, or at least are they sensitive to the matter?

It is a two sided sword. One that sustainable issues are good to support but other, the work waste does not appeal to many guests. As well in many occasions guests don’t know what to expect.

4.    While introducing the “zero food waste” philosophy, were you forced to change or adapt your recipes?

Of course. We have a strict only reusable packaging policy so that limit us a bit.

But we are trying to present through the restaurant is that ‘’normal’’ food can be prepared without creating waste! 

5.    Do you believe that your customers are informed about the wastes happening in a restaurant?


6.    Which are the wastes that cannot be avoided in a restaurant? Why?

Chemical washing liquids for industrial use. Even though many good natural preparates are coming to the market, unfortunately many of them don’t clean the grease good enough. Paper from receipts, they should be printed by law.

7.    How was this initiative received/welcomed?

We were lucky to see that guest and producers appreciate what we are doing,

and that made our beginning much easier.

8.    What would you suggest to a restaurant that wishes to convert into the zero food waste concept?

Demand for change if you wish that it happens. Even a small change in behaviour can have an impact in the big picture! There is always a way to find

9.    What would you suggest to a family in order to reduce the food waste in their daily life?

Buy only what you need. Plan ahead and make the best of each ingredient. Suggest to a local shop for less packaged products, choose biodegradable.

Reuse everything you can!



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