Community Structure, Networking & Events

How is the Global Shapers community structured? 

The Global Shapers Community, part of the World Economic Forum, is a selective and ambitious community defined by young people who drive positive change. Many are the opportunities to get involved in group projects or in different assisting positions within the different departments, such as management, networking, fundraising, human resources, international relations. We operate under a unique and effective structure designed to harness the passion and innovative spirit of young people across the globe.

Our projects revolve around areas such as education, environment, health, and employment. Global Shapers hubs are grouped into regions, ensuring a balanced global representation and interconnectivity. 

These regions interact, collaborate and engage with each other through global and regional events, virtual platforms, and annual meetings, allowing Shapers to exchange ideas, share best practices, and inspire each other to make an even bigger impact.

What are the networking possibilities? 

As part of the Global Shapers Community, the Lugano Hub offers its members rich networking opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries. Within our local hub, members engage with people from diverse backgrounds, fostering mutual learning and collaboration on community projects. Beyond Lugano, we are part of a global network of motivated young leaders; which affords members the chance to connect with Shapers worldwide. 

Additionally, our link with the World Economic Forum provides opportunities to dialogue with global decision-makers, allowing us to impact key global agendas and broaden our reach further.

Can I participate in Global Shapers (World Economic Forum) events?  

Events are exclusive to Global Shapers and participation is limited to curators and participants and is held privately. Please refer to the application page or contact for inquiry. 

Events include private meetings, board discussions, annual Shapers Summit, regional gatherings, and the World Economic Forum in Davos; where only few members worldwide are offered unique opportunities to engage in discussions on key global issues, network with influential figures from various sectors, and share innovative solutions for driving positive change.