Meet the curator:
Stefano Rappi

My name is Stefano, I am Swiss and I’m 29. Professionally, I work as a tax associate. I made the decision to join Global Shapers because it is an incredible organization that aims to make a tangible impact on society. The nature of Global Shapers, with its hubs in cities all around the world, offers an opportunity to contribute to positive change on a global scale. Moreover, being part of this community allows me to connect with ambitious individuals who share a common goal of making a difference.

 When it comes to my biggest dream, I have always envisioned taking a sabbatical year to go on a journey around the world. The idea of immersing myself in different cultures, exploring new landscapes, and gaining a broader perspective on life is something that excites me.

Let's make a positive impact together!



Alin C. Luca

I am passionate about traveling, hiking, playing sports, reading, music. No matter where I've lived, whether it was Romania, the United Kingdom, China, or now Switzerland, I've pursued these interests. I'm in the finance sector, a field that continuously intrigues me and holds the potential to influence the future. Yet, I believe that money alone cannot address all of our global challenges. That's why I became a member of the Global Shapers — to join a dedicated group of young individuals striving to make a positive impact on our world. 

Impact OFFICEr


Federico is widely recognized for his distinctive habit of sharing chocolate with strangers. Previously a Data Science Consultant at Procter & Gamble, he played an instrumental role in automating key sales processes for the E-Commerce global team. Currently freelancing as an IT consultant, Federico remains an active Global Shaper affiliated with the Lugano Hub. He is deeply involved in supporting various IT-related initiatives and associations in Ticino. Federico earned his BA in Software Engineering and an MA in Artificial Intelligence from IDSIA, a renowned and globally recognized AI research institute located in Lugano


Adriano Käppeli

My name is Adriano, I’m 26 and I work as a trader in Zurich. I joined the Global Shapers Community back in 2018, mostly attracted by its dual nature, which connects you with a global network of truly motivated individuals, and at the same time pushes you to develop concrete projects that benefit the population and the territory where you live. I hope to see our Hub continue growing and evolving, with the goal of having a vibrant group of passionate people ready to create positive impact in Ticino.

Arianna Gilardoni

I am Arianna Gilardoni, I am 25 years old with dual nationality: British and Italian. I am currently working as a junior controller in the Luxury Group Kering SA in Switzerland. For me, the global shapers community is a unique opportunity to work on meaningful and future-oriented projects and meet and cooperate with smart and highly motivated young shapers. I wish to make a difference and always bring a positive impact on people’s lives.


My name is Beste Henden. I’m from Turkey and 26 years old. I have a master’s degree in Marketing and Transformative Economy and I am pursuing a second master’s degree in a different field: Communication & Management and Health. I chose to join Global Shapers because it allows me to touch other people's lives. I believe making a positive impact on others’ lives gives meaning to my life as well.


Benedetta Vallese

My name is Benedetta, I was born in Italy and I’m 20 years old. I’m currently studying Psychology alongside Artificial Intelligence and I’m working with my mother’s company. My biggest passion is singing and songwriting. I decided to join the Global Shapers Community because of its worldwide impact and influence in various fields; and my inspiration is to be helpful to our community.

Camilla Lafranchi

I am Camilla, and I’m Swiss and 27 years old. I’m working as a Public Affairs Consultant. I chose to join the Global Shapers because I like the idea of creating something as a group of young and passionate people from all over the world, learning from each other, and giving something back to our communities. My biggest dream is to have a farmhouse somewhere in Italy to produce our goods and offer a nice stay to people worldwide!

Clarissa Cattori

My name is Clarissa, I am a 24-year-old Swiss girl. My journey finds me immersed as a Master's student in the world of Finance. Joining Global Shapers is a choice that stems from the desire to be a vital cog in a team that is motivated and dedicated to projects that have an impact. My greatest aspiration is to rise every morning with a sense of exhilaration and unwavering passion for the tasks that lie ahead.


gaia bianchi

My name is Gaia Bianchi, I am 26 years old and I was born and raised in Ticino, Switzerland. In 2021, I finished my medical studies and currently work as a resident physician in internal medicine in Bern, treating patients in both wards and emergency rooms. I decided to join Global Shapers because I wanted to meet other young people from Ticino who are motivated to make a positive impact on our society. My biggest dream has always been to become a doctor, so that I can do an exciting job while helping other people. I would love to be able to put my skills at the service of everyone, helping to set up a project with an international impact, which could also help people in need in other countries. 

Giada Pintos

Hi, my name is Giada Pintos I'm almost 22 years old and currently studying to become a full-stack developer. I love working with people and for people who need it, so coming to the Hub was an excellent opportunity to meet other young people who were happy to make an impact (doesn't matter the size of it).  When I joined the Hub I was surprised to see that as a Shaper you could bring to the table any argument that you think would help our local community, and not only.

Marko Rajkovic

Marko is studying for a Master's degree in Economics at the University of St. Gallen. At the same time, he deals with forensic consultancy in the financial field. His hobbies are cinema and chess.


Matteo Brunone

My name is Matteo Brunone, I am Swiss and I am 28 years old. I am a lawyer and a lecturer at SUPSI (The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland). I chose to join Global Shapers (Lugano Hub) because it allows me to be part of a group of people who have different projects and ambitions in various fields. I personally believe that the commitment of young and willing professionals lays the foundation for any great success. 

Mirco De Savelli

My name is Mirco De Savelli, I’m Swiss and Italian and I am 27 years old. I’m an impact entrepreneur. I chose to be part of Global Shapers because it’s a global community of ambitious young people full of unimaginable opportunities that allow individuals to maximize their impact on society. I work every day to foster the transition toward a circular economy that’s why my biggest dream is to see our economy finally completely circular.

Nadia Russo

My Name is Nadia, I come from Ticino and I am 27 years old. I am studying law in Lucerne and in Lausanne. I am active in various volunteer activities from helping in asylum seeker centers to politics. I have joined the global shapers community to have an impact on social issues in my community.


Petra Stucchi

My name is Petra, I am Swiss and 26 years old. I am a Lawyer Trainee. I chose to join the Global Shapers because I wanted to become part of a motivated team, whose goals and challenges I share. I firmly believe that the contribution of the younger generation is crucial to make the world a better place, and thanks to the Global Shapers I have the opportunity to actively participate in this change.

Samuele Marcoli

My name is Samuele Marcoli, I am 25 years old, I’m Swiss and Dominican. I integrated Global shapers during the pandemic to support the population at a difficult time through local initiatives carried out by this group of dynamic young people full of intelligent initiatives. Global shapers are a great opportunity to meet people and projects around the world. My dream is to live in a fairer world where all the UN 2030 goals will be realised.



younes dragoni

I’m a Cybersecurity expert (Industrial & Defense), Advisor and VC Partner. 

Spent most of my career working with startups / founders all over the world and protecting national critical infrastructures.

matteo guscetti

I am working as a researcher at ETH Zurich where I focus on Reinforcement Learning. Parallel to this activity I am at the initial stages of developing my own company at the intersection of SaaS and AI.

I am passionate about startups and innovation and to further foster the entrepreneurial environment in Ticino I sit on the board of Fondazione Privilège.